Aukey has created a product that we could define easily “must-have” for anyone who has a smartphone! It is a power bank wireless with the integrated stand. Once you try it you can do more for less. Let’s find out together.

power bank wireless

It always happens to need a stand for the iPhone, maybe to watch a movie or a video during a break, to play with an external controller, to make a video call , or for other needs. This product provides energy and support to make it easy to use the smartphone’s mobility.

In fact, inside of this power bank – the enhanced version of this model we already reviewed – you will find three types of product, all essential in the everyday life. Finds here its highest expression, the “wireless” because to charge the iPhone or any other smartphone or accessory Qi will not be needed cables of any type and, above all, because we can recharge the iPhone while you use it to enjoy multimedia contents, and much more by placing it simply on the integrated stand.

power bank wireless

The third, and most versatile, component of the accessory in question is related to the recharge that can also be done via cable through a port USB-TO – then standard – and through a port USB-C with rapid charge 18W Power Delivery.

power bank wireless

We descend a bit into technical details and find out what are all the characteristics of the battery, the laptop that we are reviewing:

  • Wireless charging Qi up to 10W with support for charging 5W, 7.5 W and 10W
  • USB port-C Power Delivery 18W for fast charging of iPhone and other devices
  • USB port-Quick Charge 3.0 for charging other devices and accessories
  • 10000mAh capacity
  • Charging via USB port-C (approximately 3 hours to complete)
  • The LED indicators provide information on the status of the power bank
  • LED indicator add-on (orange) that indicates when the wireless charging is active

We found ourselves so well that we carry with us every day. Useful for when you are out of the house, also useful on the desk or on the bedside table and useful in trip, this power bank is indeed a “must have” like it is.

The price is very competitive in relation to what is being offered and the guarantee of a reliable brand like Aukey. The power bank wireless is on Amazon at 39,99€, even if it is now available a little offer that discounts the product for 5€ with the discount code DA93GFVC – as indicated on the official page of Amazon.


An indispensable product if you use a lot of your smartphone during the day. This portable charger offers an incredible quality-price ratio and integrates three key functions: charging, wireless charging and a stand. But it was clean.

  • Design
  • Charging time
  • Reliability
  • Compatibility
  • Price