When you say better late than never: for the new console, the Atari VCS, there are finally good news, especially for the more than 11,000 supporters of the campaign to Indiegogo, which still had not received certain news about its output.

Announced in 2017 as a console hybrid, inspired by the iconic Atari 2600, able not only to propose a wide catalogue of historical titles, but also to tackle the latest games thanks to a hardware renewed, after a development rather troubled that he did fear the worst Atari VCS will arrive in autumn.

The first units have appeared on the list of chain stores and WalMart, offering the possibility to pre-order the console with shipments starting from November 27. Instead, as regards the financiers of the campaign on Indiegogo, the console should be sent from October onwards.

Among the titles that will take part in the launch, there will also be Missile Command: Recharged, the modern version of the timeless arcade title proposed recently also on Android and iOS.

The Atari VCS will be available in three colors: Black Walnut (sold on the website of Atari), Onyx (exclusive to GameStop) and Carbon Gold (exclusive to Walmart) for a starting price of 300 dollars. The complete package of joystick classic wireless controllers and modern will be offered at a price of 389 dollars.

We remind you that the new hardware board consists of an APU Ryzen R1606G Raven 2 that can handle video streams in 4K, and there is a USB 3.0 which is accompanied by an HDMI output and support WiFi connectivity, Ethernet and Bluetooth.