While several aerospace agencies – led by Virgin Galactic and SpaceX – are involved in the development of solutions able to inaugurate the space tourism within a few years, there are actually less notes that aim to offer a faster way to achieve the same result.

Among these, worth mentioning Space Perspective, a company that wants to bring a hot-air balloon tourism and futuristic…), with people aboard, to aheight of more than 30,000 square metres. The title of this article is clearly provocative, but a trip into the stratosphere will allow to the lucky holders of a ticket to experience the curvature of the Earth, see the aurora from a different perspective and enjoy a view absolutely unique to our planet.

The form in which you can stay it will be called the Neptune, will open as a pod, pressurized 4 metres high and 5 wide, the shape is reminiscent of that of a spinning top the giant. The capsule will be hooked to a ball of polyethylene (diameter of 100 meters, instead of the helium, use hydrogen. They were of course expected of the safety systems in case of any issues, there are for example parachutes of backup that can ensure a drop safe after a malfunction of the main one.

Neptune will beable to accommodate up to 8 people per trip, in addition to a series of scientific payloads is not better described. The duration of the experience, including climb and descent, will be about 6 hours. Within the module there will also be a TOILET, which the company describes as “the toilet with the best view of the known universe”. Apparently you will look much to the care of the interior, the Space Perspective provides, for example, its use for weddings, high altitude or similar events.

The balloon was designed in collaboration with the british design firm PriestmanGoode, which is also working on a concept of the passenger module of the transport system Hyperloop. For now we only have images of concept and a promotional video posted last month that we propose to follow.

According to a statement from the Space Perspective, the trips will depart from the Shuttle Landing Facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Florida. The maximum altitude of 30,000 metres will be maintained for about 2 hours, the remaining 4 hours will be used for the ascent and descent. The experience will end with a splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean, where a ship will be ready to welcome passengers to return to recovering the capsule and bringing it back to earth.

The company promises the timing really quick for the implementation of the project, the first trip of the Neptune should be opened at the beginning of 2021. At the moment were not disclosed details on prices and packages available, but we imagine that will not be properly cheap. Are you interested in? The other good news, it is already possible to book the flight for a maximum of 8 people, more details in the original publication in the SOURCE.