Mozilla tries to put order inside of its lineup dedicated to the world of Firefox. For several months, the Android versions available to download have been exactly five: Firefox, Firefox Beta, Firefox Nightly, Firefox Preview, Firefox Preview, Nightly, to which should be added to the variant Focus launched in 2017 and is mainly focused on the preview of users.

In short, a fairly large numbers that in the long run it could create confusion among users. In order to avoid this, Mozilla has decided to run for cover, reducing to 3 the number of versions on the Play Store:

  • Firefox (stable);
  • Firefox Beta;
  • Firefox Nightly.

The change, more specifically, has been given in the past by the same company through a post on Github (link in SOURCE) and provides, therefore, both the interruption in the distribution of Firefox Preview Nightly, is the union of the Firefox Preview in Firefox Nightly.

The latter, as is easily guessed from the name, it will be updated each night and will include experimental features that could make the app much less stable than the other versions. At the time, the twisted, and the old composition is still present on the Play Store, but all of this should, however, change over the course of the next few hours.