Apple has involved some of the customers in a survey related to power supplies USB. The charger of the iPhone 12 is really at risk of disappearance?

caricabatterie iPhone 12

A few days after the news that spoke of the probable absence of the USB charger in the package of the future iPhone 12, Apple is launching a survey designed to understand if and how users use the charger present in the package.

Specifically, the survey asks users what they decided to do with the USB charger after upgrading to a new iPhone. The question is very special because it aims to know the habits of the users that go from a previous model to a new one.

All of us when we change the iPhone we have several options: keep the new charger and use the previous one, sell the old iPhone with all accessories, or always leave the cassettes in the boxes because we prefer models of third-party, or sideburns wireless charging and/or combined.

The options in the poll are the following:

  • I have sold it or traded it with my iPhone
  • I lost it
  • I gave it to a family member or a friend
  • I still use it at home
  • I still use it on the outside (at work, at school or in other places)
  • I still have it, but do not use it

This information might help Apple figure out whether to propose or not the USB charger in the sales package of the next iPhone 12. To be clear, with this survey, Apple only refers to the power supply and not the Lightning cable.

The survey was published on Twitter by Gustavo Alves Reis, as in the tweet attached:

Pesquisa da Apple que recebi por email. Várias perguntas sobre o use do carregador! Sera q teremos um iPhone 12 sem carregador na caixa? 🤔 terá?? @juniornannetti @marchwill

— Gustavo Alves Reis (@Gunstaxl) July 1, 2020

We remind that, although rare, this behavior is not new in house Apple. In fact, the company from Cupertino had proposed a similar survey to the users – in recent times – to understand their position with regard to the audio jack on the MacBook Pro.

We will update you as soon as we know more, also to understand if the headset EarPods will be deleted along with the charger, such as from rumors, or not. What do you think? Please let us know in the comments!