The well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is back to talk about iPhone 12, after that at the end of may had anticipated that the package of the new melafonini would not have included headsets – and, we know now, probably not even the charger. One of the most uncertain related to iPhone 12 is the launch date, with so many voices that intersect and speak to the insistence in more and more a possible delay. The last report of Kuo fits in this groove, from the time which tells how the manufacturer of the lenses intended for the module, photo of its new devices, Largan, will begin to make the first shipments in mid-July.

It would seem to be a window of reasonable time to arrive on the market in September, but Kuo is, in fact, note that the delay accrued is six weeks, which would imply the attainment of the peak of the shipment of Largan between September and November, where normally falls between August and October. Kuo then enters in the technical and says that Largan will supply Apple with lenses 7 items: we do not know if we will find them on the four iPhone inbox, or only on the two models the Pro and Pro Max (the latter should be equipped with the exclusive on the scanner, or LiDAR, seen on the latest iPad Pro).

Therefore, we might hypothesize a launch delayed for a month and a half, but there are also other factors at play beyond the lens: a recent reconstruction of the Nikkei which speaks of the final phases of production, which will begin its own in October. In short, the situation is still unclear, but most parties come confirmations of the fact that the pandemic at the end would have an influence on the procedure of iPhone 12, and that the traditional launch in September, it seems like an unlikely event, we’ll see if Apple will be able to get back on track by limiting the delay to a few weeks.