iPhone 12: Apple asks users what they do with the old charger

Among the numerous reports according to which Apple will not include a power adapter in the package of the iPhone 12, the company has recently started to send out surveys to users of the iPhone about how to use the USB charger supplied in the box.

The survey asks users what they have done with the USB charger, of their previous iPhone after it is replaced with a new model, then Apple will appeal to those who were already in possession of an iOS device and have recently bought a new one.

Apple also explains that the survey refers to the USB power adapter and not the Lightning cable.

The USB charger is used for charging via a wall outlet. You can connect the charger to an iPhone with a charging cable separate.

Below, the options available in the poll:

  • I have sold it or traded it with my iPhone
  • I lost it
  • I gave it to a family member or a friend
  • I still use it at home
  • I still use it on the outside (at work, at school or in other places)
  • I still have it, but do not use it

Even though it is still only a rumor at this point, the idea of Apple removing the power adapter from the box the iPhone has certainly generated controversy, even if the removal of the accessory will save money in the company and will reduce the waste electronic. Many users already have a range of adapters from previous purchases of the iPhone and iPad, while some might prefer other charging solutions as a battery charger multi-port or wireless charger.

Pesquisa da Apple que recebi por email. Várias perguntas sobre o use do carregador! Sera q teremos um iPhone 12 sem carregador na caixa? 🤔 terá?? @juniornannetti @marchwill pic.twitter.com/q1kiiCVeQL

— Gustavo Alves Reis (@Gunstaxl) July 1, 2020