The iPhone 12 Pro will not have a display ProMotion 120Hz | Rumor

According to the analyst Ross Young, the models of the iPhone 12 , there will be no display, ProMotion 120Hz. Young had previously asserted that Apple would not have implemented the technology ProMotion until they had adopted the display technology LTPO low power, a move that the company should not do it until 2021.

Through a tweet, the analyst said that none of his contacts has been able to confirm the rumors according to which the models iPhone 12 Pro will display at 120Hz, with its sources indicate, however, that the technology for 120Hz will arrive on the iPhone models 2021.

There have been many ruomrs on the display ProMotion, with some of the leakers who claim the support of 120Hz is in the works.

Young, who has experience in the field of display, has claimed that Apple will implement the technology ProMotion in 2021, together with the adoption of the display LTPO low consumption to allow the company to frequency of updating the variable that preserves the life of the battery.

The addition of a display ProMotion in the iPhone without the technology could result in a battery consumption undesirable, although it is worth noting that the iPad Pro using a ProMotion without LTPO.

Last week, Ice the Universe has once again claimed that the iPhone models 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will offer a display capable of running refresh rates up to 120Hz.

There is also a setting in accessibility in iOS 14, which seems to limit the frame rate of the iPhone at 60 frames per second, which could be indicative of the fact that future models will support higher frame rates. However, the setting is not displayed by all the beta users, and it might be a bug.

The technology ProMotion on the iPad Pro is able to dynamically adjust the display according to the movement of the contents, ensuring a sliding more fluid, smoother and more responsive. The frame rate changes based on the content on the screen, while preserving battery life.

Given the conflicting voices on display technology ProMotion, we may not know with certainty whether the new iPhone will have the feature up to the their debut in the fall. The current entries suggest that Apple will unveil new iPhone in September, but the launch for some or all of the models could be delayed until October or November.