The box of the iPhone 12 will be thinner and with only one accessory | Rumor

The leaker L0vetodream has posted a tweet confirming the recent rumors, according to which the line iPhone 12 will not include the EarPods and the charger in the package, adding that Apple will do the same with the iPhone IF second-generation.

L0vetodream also states that the future packaging of the iPhone will be more thin and beautiful, thanks to the space freed by removing the charger and the EarPods.

The lack of charger and EarPods aligns to the forecast of the analyst, Apple Ming-Chi Kuo, and analysts at Barclays last week. Apple should release a new power adapter 20 W separate as an optional accessory for the iPhone and end the production of the current power adaptors, 5 W and 18 W by the end of the year.

The form factor of the new power adapter 20 W is similar to the version 18 W, with the function of Power Delivery for a fast charge. Kuo also predicts that Apple will stop include a power adapter 5 W with the current iPhone IF the second generation by the end of the year.

Barclays predicts that Apple will include in the box a Lightning to USB cable-C as the only accessory included with the iPhone 12.