Spotter is an ambitious project that aims to resolve and mitigate adverse effects arising from the search for a parking space in the busiest cities. An app for the sharing of parking information, which also rewards users with gift vouchers.


The problem of parking is becoming increasingly present in our city, so much so that a good number of italians complains of severe discomfort in terms of urban mobility. It is not only stress but also waste of time and fuel costs, consider also the environmental impact. From these considerations, in the Spotter decided to create a system capable of giving users the tools to search for and share car parks, with an impetus with Amazon vouchers, fuel vouchers and a wide range of gift card , among which stand out those of Zalando and Rinascente.

Through an application – this is certain – that it is possible to reach a large number of potential users and create a community. And it is thanks to the community that the app as a Spotter can offer their services. Most users will use it, the more chance of parking there will be.

How it works the application Spotter? You sign up free and receive two free credits. The registration can be done via email or via various social networks.

The parking is available, published by the community of users, are displayed on the map and you can “buy” with the currency in-app. Users of the app, in fact, can get information on parking lots that you are releasing so you can park before the other motorists thanks to the information in a privileged way.

When you perform a search for to find parking, it is possible to choose filters and are most useful in going to play it safe and avoid car parks that are not suitable to the needs. You can choose whether to search the parking lots of the small, medium or large size, for a fee or free of charge, and in which the band of time.

With the blue button, instead, it is possible to share the parking and earn credits to other car parks or for gift vouchers. The transaction ends when another user park their vehicle in the parking lot which is shared.

There are two currencies within the application, each with a different value:

  • sesterces – Value 2€
  • sPoints – Value of 1€

How they work the currencies? We try to explain in a detailed way. When a user purchases an information, to find a free parking place and corresponding to your needs, spends 2 sesterces. On the contrary, when it shares the parking earn 1 sPoint that can be converted into 2 sesterces, or gift card.

The business plan that supports this service seems to be solid and promising; users appreciate the service and have registered excellent results during the first months after the launch. In Spotter, the ambition is strong and promises the important goals for the future, all aimed at improving the user experience.

We have had the opportunity to try the application and discover its advantages and its disadvantages. The app promises is very good, it offers a fluid and responsive and allows users to get relieved from the stress of parking. Unfortunately, its distribution is not yet widespread and, as a result, the application is not available in all Italy. Will depend on everything from the users, the larger the user base, the more extensive is the coverage of the service.

We hope to see him more in our cities because, in spite of the cost to find the information, the level of benefit is significantly higher and appreciable. With the systematic use of the app then earn money and use the service it becomes more convenient and immediate.

You can find the application on the App Store and the Google Play Store for free. By Spotter there to ensure also that any data sent within the app will be treated in accordance with the privacy legislation GDPR.

Article in collaboration with a Spotter.