The entire line of iPhone 12 is reportedly facing delays in the production of mass that could postpone the launch for up to two months compared to the initial estimates.

According to Nikkei Asian Review, blocks of factories and the slow recovery post-lockdown will result in a delay of from four weeks to two months from the date of the end of September, initially provided by Apple.

We expect months of delay in terms of mass production, even though Apple is doing everything it can to shorten the time. There is the possibility that the launch may be postponed up to two months compared to the forecast.

Some iPhone may be ready at the end of October, but it is not excluded that one or two models to be released in November.

According to this report, Apple is reportedly pressuring all of their suppliers to speed up the mass production and to limit as much as possible the delays. The best, at least according to what was reported today by Nikkei, is that the iPhone 12 to be available from the end of October. Also, it seems that Apple has asked its suppliers to produce more than 45 million units between the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and iPhone IF in the second half of 2020 to compensate for the absence of the iPhone 12 until November.

This year Apple should launch four models “iPhone 12”: a device by 5.4 inches, the two models 6.1-inch display and a model to be 6.7 inches.