The app Immune, active from June 8 in the four pilot regions, and from the 15th of June last, in the whole of Italy, not is finding wide spread. According to the latest data, the download stopped at 4 million – compared to a population that has a population of over 60 million people, it is easy to see that, at least for the moment, far away are the percentages that you talked about at the beginning of the project (70-80%) of the population, but also the targets of double-digit more content and equally useful – if combined with other measures for the tracking of contacts, and the containment of outbreaks.

The Government for the moment seems not to be won, and with tones more or less explicit calls on the population to download the app. At the same time does not hide that the proliferation of app regional for the monitoring of the spread of the virus does not help to bring together all the data into a single tracking system that implements, precisely, through the app Immune.

The Minister for Innovation Paola Pisano, commenting on the data on download, has pointed out: The app is technologically and technically it is working. You are not integrating well with the health care system, not under more pressure as before: we dialogue on a weekly basis in all Regions. With regard to the coexistence of Immune with other apps in the region, has added that in Phase 3 it is essential that there is a single app otherwise you do not have control of the data and is not able to locate the outbreaks of the sick.

There is also to say that with the loosening of restrictions on the movement and the arrival of the summer season, which encourages travel, to have a single app valid for all of Italy, instead of many app regional, is the most suitable solution to carry out the tracking system. The Minister for relations with the Parliament, ” Federico D incĂ  said in an even more direct that it is necessary to download Immune and that the app is regional it does help to have a tool of protection, valid throughout the national territory:

All those who download the app who serve to protect us at the national level. No need to do of the app for the individual Regions, it is necessary to have a protection at the national level

Lombardy, the region most affected by the pandemic, launched in April an update of AllertaLom, which has introduced a tracking system of the virus based on the reports of the users; the app has reached about 1.3 million downloads, according to the latest data. Similar initiatives have been adopted in other Italian regions such as Sicily and Sardinia.

It is true that the current evolution of the epidemic curve may help not to be perceived as still current the health emergency. All the main indicators are objectively in decline and this may affect the willingness to download the app for tracking contacts. The recent chronicles have shown, however, that the emergence of new outbreaks is not a hypothesis far-fetched, and it is in scenarios such as this that an app of contact tracing can prove its efficacy – without neglecting that the system could prove to be very useful in the unlikely event of a second wave in the autumn.

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