While we wait to find out what the future will be a chip that we will find under the hood of the next Huawei Mate 40, the new rumor coming from China seem to suggest what we will not find the next top of the range of the house of Shenzhen.

The source is the well-known informer Digital Chat Station, which has published a post on Weibo that claims to have seen live one of the prototypes of the Mate 40. This has allowed him to see that the smartphone is not equipped with a front camera positioned below the display, denying then the previous rumours were beginning to circulate.

At the moment it is not clear if the Mate 40 will be centred in the notch – which we also saw on the Mate 30 and the Pro version (opening image)- or if it will follow an approach similar to that used by Huawei with the series P40, opting then for a display that is drilled in which to place the image sensors in the front and the ones needed for the 3D recognition of the face.

What is certain is that the technology that allows the implementation of cameras below the display still does not seem to have reached a level of maturity sufficient to make it palatable, at least on the flagship products of the major manufacturers. At the end of 2019, we have taken a look at the solution proposed by the Oppo, and even in that case, it was found that the compromises in terms of quality – both in the area of the display involved, which in the field of photography – they were still too high to be accepted. In short, we’ll have to wait a bit.