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CHAMPIONS: The Football Game
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CHAMPIONS: The Football Game is a free game for iOS and Android where you can live the career of a footballer, and manage everything that surrounds it. The game, developed by Mattia Di Chiara, retraces the footsteps of his predecessor (Football Story) came up to the 2nd position in the ranking app store Sports category in italy, with many improvements and additions!

CHAMPIONS will not be the classic game of football, in fact it will be more of a game ‘management’: you will be called upon to make the choices for your player in many scenarios of his career, to train your dog in the centers of training to increase its values that will be shown in a special section of the game, choose which club to play it through negotiations with contracts and earnings, the growing popularity and fame on social, increasing followers, complete bonus missions and much more! The game is immediate and immersive: after you have “configured” your player you’ll immediately be able to start the career with his first scenarios, and you will immediately notice the 4 icons at the top of these parameters (Money, Popularity, Condition , and Attitude) that will vary depending on your choices or reactions in any situation.

Always keep an eye on these parameters because they are fundamental for the continuation of the career in case one of them would drop to zero in the career of your player will stop instantly!

The scenarios can be of any type: for example, we will have to decide whether to pull into port and look for the goal, or whether to search for close friends to which you pass the ball, and so on. On the basis of our choices we will get positive or negative results. Of the shares may become tired very, making to get off the power, others give it an immediate fame, or an enhancement of our features. It is not always a good risk, other times you have to play tactical and you can make note in several ways to grow more and more, to be engaged in the best club in the world, and so on.

The features of the player are of secondary parameters that are not going to affect your career in a direct manner, but should be to determine the power, or the general evaluation of the player, as in all the most famous games of football, and they, too, can increase through the scenarios in addition to the workouts, the bonus missions and purchase upgrades in the shop. It consists of: Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Speed, and Physical Defense.

The game has a good longevity because each game is highly customizable and varies in length depending on our moves. In the CHAMPIONS league: The Football Game for iOS is also a leaderboard to Game Center to compare your score (accumulated through the advancement in career) with other players.

Differently from the previous one this time the developer has decided to make the game on the Store for free, to give the possibility to a much wider audience to try it out. It is stressed that, of course, in the free version will be present in the advertisements, while for those who want to enjoy the gaming experience without having to sit and any advertising will find inside the main menu the button ‘Buy’ and cost €1.99 deliver us from all the ads present within the game.

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