The idea at the base of Apple Arcade, the game service subscription introduced last year by the house of Apple, is without a doubt very interesting but does not seem to have caught on a large number of users, to the point that Apple would have decided to review in an important way, in his relations with some of the partners involved.

It is what we learn from a recent report of Bloomberg, in which it is reported and that is very curious: it seems that the house of Cupertino has cancelled several contracts relating to the games in development for its platform, as the search for a more engaging experience and encourage users to remain subscribed to the service also at the end of the trial period.

Apple Arcade, remember, allows players access to a library of over 120 titles available on the iOS iPadOS tvOS and maCOS, compared to a monthly fee of 4,99 euro. This is the only expense to be incurred, as all the games do not include advertising or in app purchases of any kind. The idea is therefore to offer a service that “points” only to offer good quality games, that are not plagued by the elements of pay to win or from the usual typical mechanical of the free-to-play (energy, currency, in-game, and so on).

However, it seems that most of the titles present have not been able to hold a decent volume of players, despite the platform provides, however, innovative and of excellent quality, as for example the Italian Secret Oops! or the recent Beyond a Steel Sky.

Reportedly, however, it seems that the split between Apple and developers involved, there has been no abrupt and irremediable. It shows the intention of the house of Cupertino to pay the amount due to the teams involved and the invitation to collaborate again in the event of any offer of securities can meet the new standard.

Apple, in fact, remunerates developers through contracts that are not related to the statistics of the use of the title to the Arcade (unlike what is done by Google with Play Pass), so it’s understandable the idea of wanting to reorganize investments and point to projects that are able to grow the most in the platform.