AnyList explains why you will not use with Sign in with Apple

The app for the list of expenses and recipes, AnyList, he explained in a long blog post because it will not support Sign in with the Apple, and it has also listed ten problems.

According to the report, there are five problems for users and five developers, and therefore the app will not support the access method.

First of all, says that there is a common problem with any third-party access, whether it’s Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other service.

People don’t remember what access system they used to create their account. (“Hmm, I created this account a couple of years ago. I used my e-mail? Account Facebook? Sign in with the Apple?”) Simple questions such as “How to reset my password?”, you don’t have simple answers, and depends on the system you used to create your account. And if your account is blocked, and using a system of third party access, we may not be able to help you and instead, we should direct you to another company, with all the hassles that entails.

But there are some specific problems with Sign in with Apple, such as the fact that many Apple ID using an iCloud email address.

Many of those e-mail addresses iCloud are unused and not checked, because the e-mail account the “real” of a customer is their account Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. If we try to contact a customer using his iCloud email address, you may never see our message.

Then people could ask for help, we we would reply and then we would definitely stay again contacts because users is that we never responded. Our response has arrived to their account and iCloud email, but have not seen it because they always and only checked their Gmail account.

Hide my e-mail in the Sign in with Apple further aggravates the problem.

If a customer contacts us asking for support, and we need to look for something in his account, we are able to simply ask for the email address of your account. But with “Hide my e-mail” would not be easily possible, because the client should decrypt the email address used for your account.

This also makes it difficult or impossible, the sharing of lists, since this is done usually by entering their email address.

With the option “Hide my email”, your spouse or your friends, of course, will not know your email address and then when they insert your email address, our systems will believe that you do not have an account.

From the point of view of the developers, it adds complexity and time, and therefore costs.

For us it is not enough to add Sign in with Apple for our iOS app. We also need to add it to our Web app, the app for Mac and Android apps. (Creating a complexity even greater, Apple does not provide any real solution to support the access with Apple on the Android.) Then, if we choose to support the access with Apple, this means that we need to spend a lot of time to make it work everywhere, rather than spend the time to improve the main list, the recipes and the scheduling features of the meals of our app.

Apple does not oblige the developers to offer access to Apple, but if an app offers other records of third parties, must also provide the version of the company. Apple also “suggests” in its guidelines, the access to it should appear above those competitors. AnyList is solving this problem by removing access to Facebook, the only other access of third parties.