The news about the Xbox Series S “Lockhart”, the variant less powerful console next gen of Microsoft, now follow one another on a daily basis and this means only one thing: for the house of Redmond has not yet confirmed the real existence (but there is evidence more tangible), it is very likely that approaches more and more the date of submission.

To give us an indiscretion on the possible period of time, they are colleagues of Eurogamer and Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat, who have rebuilt some of the latest moves Microsoft and they both agree – through audits performed by their respective sources – on to say that the Xbox Series S might be unveiled in August.

The news that catches us a bit by surprise, because – if confirmed – could mean that Microsoft is ready to give the next generation by presenting two platforms which will be distinguished among them for the price and power, giving rise to a scenario quite confusing. Let’s recap for a moment the situation.

In the course of these weeks we have often spoken of the Series S, inquadrandola as the potential heir of the Xbox One X in terms of price positioning and general level of performance. This, however, in consideration of the release of the console, in a subsequent period to that of the Xbox Series X, in order to spend the first phase of next gen – which is strongly characterized by securities cross-gen – still giving space to the One X in the console role, entry-level, inside of the Microsoft ecosystem.

As we have seen many times, in fact, the house of Redmond has repeatedly placed the emphasis on the intention to adopt a smooth transition to the next generation, thanks to the introduction of services like Smart Delivery and emphasizing the role of the current One X (while of One’s is practically the most talked about, a sign that the basic version of the current generation is actually come to an end), also thanks to the choice of making cross gen all the flagship titles coming in, including Halo Infinite.

All this, however, could be questioned in the case in which the rumors emerged today, should be confirmed. The launch contemporary Series X and Series S would make it completely useless to stay on the list, Xbox One X, as Lockhart should offer a price very close to that from the current top of the range Microsoft. What is the purpose to continue the generation with three consoles on the list? Why insist in wanting to support One X – docking, consequently, the development of the titles on the current generation – when the alternative could be available on day one?

But the questions opened by this new rumor does not end here, as the eventual launch, a contemporary of the two platforms presents us also to the question of the effectiveness of a lineup so diverse since day one. Appear on the market , offering – at the same time – the console is less powerful and more economical together with the most handsome and dear, could expose both to the risk of being discarded in favor of the direct rival, which could offer a price/performance ratio much more favorable (at least considering the Digital Edition)?

Remember the fact that Sony will introduce two consoles, but the only difference between the machines lies in the presence/absence of the optical reader and in a price more affordable – up to 100 euros less, with all probability, – for the version only digital.

In the margin of these many questions, it is interesting to evaluate the fact that the reconstructions of Eurogamer and VentureBeat agree on the fact that Microsoft would unveil the Xbox Series S in the course of E3 in June, but the crisis in global health has forced the company to change plans. The most attentive will remember that it is spoken of as a possible event of June until the beginning of this month, but then smentirne its existence.

As we also reported in that occasion, it is highly unlikely that Microsoft had not planned anything for June even in the absence of E3, however, something needs to be changed in the race, leaving the existence of the event was known only to the press and industry experts. The new rumors seem to indicate August as the month most likely for the presentation of the new hardware, while in July it is confirmed that we will see a reveal of the many titles first party in the yard at the Xbox Game Studios.

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