Also Ubisoft is ready to parachuting in the genre of battle royale, now is safe. Theofficial announcement of the Hyper Scape – this is the title – is set for July 2, and all the indications suggest that it will be a FPS battle royale in the first person. Also, from a few hours is online the site-teaser that simulates to be dedicated to a fictitious company, the Prism Dimensions, which will play a central role in the frame narrative of the Hyper Scape.

And just exploring the site we can get a first idea of what will be the background to the action: the Prism Dimensions is apparently a giant of the technology, the worldwide leader in the sectors in which it operates, including media and services. To explain it we find even a declaration of the character who will play the role of the CEO, dr Ivy Tan:

I had the immense pleasure of seeing a spark of greatness in the legendary work of Mathieu in paris and accompany you from the beginning to the global network that is today the Prism Dimensions.

We’ve made giant strides from the early works of Eiffel stimulation, direct neural up to become one of the largest multinational in the world in the fields of technology, media and services. We could never achieve these goals without a work force composed of individuals passionate and skilled from all over the world.

And are anxious to share our latest progress with the whole world. – CEO Dr. Ivy Tan

There is also space for a brief reference to the corporate mission of Prism Dimensions: between the lines one senses that this is an ambitious project, and somehow – even in fiction – it seems to refer to the idea that Ubisoft has the title of the role it will play. The image of the tip in this direction.

Here at Prism, we design the important connections that affect the whole world and promote the development. We create new frontiers that feed, educate, and connect people. We create technologies that exceed the limits of this world and offer an escape to new dimensions. And we do that for you.

Our mission is to provide you with unique opportunities to grow and thrive in the hyper-connected world of today. A world of unlimited opportunities. A world waiting to be discovered by you.

We will show it to you.

At the center of the graph there is “The Hub”, a neo-Arcadia, that is, a virtual world, far from reality, where the experience will be “immersive” and, above all, will include a number of “unlimited” users. We’ll see if it’s going to be a clue related to the gameplay. But a center that respects you as such, because it maintains a relationship with the elements that do not belong to you, and the turning around: and it seems to be the case of the Hyper Scape. Mind you, on we are thinking that the game is designed really to have applications in the medical field, of course: the writing on the blackboard are just a fiction, but the offer dummy to the Prism Dimensions it could be, in some way, a cast of the vision of the future. That he thinks thus to create not only a game, and that is a platform of confrontation, but above all a meeting.

An evolution that Fortnite, the progenitor of the genre, it came naturally: the Party mode Royale is a proof of it, with events such as concerts or movie screenings that are held directly in the game, and that involve millions of players.