The indiscretion comes straight from South Korea, and no wonder: Samsung would have plans to launch the successor to the Galaxy Fold and the next models in the range Notes 20 (which may be three, in the case of Ultra version) with only 5G. We know that during the summer, Samsung will be particularly warm, with the event Unboxed planned for August and then a lineup of rolls chained together that, starting probably from Galaxy Z Flip 5G, continuing with Notes 20 to August and Galaxy Fold 2 in September, is expected to close in October with S20 lite (also known as the S20 Fan Edition, waiting for official information).

The idea is clear: Samsung wants to retain its primacy in the field of 5G, which at the moment is the world leader (also considering that Apple will enter the game only at the end of the year with your iPhone 12). The market, in general, will see a contraction because of the effects of the pandemic, but it still should turn towards the 5G is even more marked, with an expected increase of 20% for the sales of smartphone are compatible with the networks of the latest generation.

Be careful, though: not so sure that’s really in the family Galaxy Notes 20 there will be space for a 4G LTE version. The base model, even that should have the screen flat, you may then apply to play a different role than usual, with the hardware and the price on a price range slightly lower: a change that would make sense if the lineup were to expand upwards, with the arrival of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, in addition to Notes 20+. Different speech for the heir to the Galaxy Fold: it may also cost you less in the first iteration, but on the fact that it is positioned at the top of the catalog Samsung with a price, however, very important there are few doubts. And so it is sensible, having regard to the profile of the device, expected only version of the 5G.