Arrive early signals official from Google for Nearby Sharing, a new feature of the sharing and exchange of files between Android devices (and not only) more than once the subject of rumors and it is only recently that early in a video dedicated to Android 11.

The release of Nearby has been confirmed by the same company in Mountain View to Android Police: distribution is currently limited to a small number of users who can access – after enabling the server – by using the beta version of the Google Play Services (download at end of article).

At this time we are running the beta test of a new feature Nearby Share on which we expect to share more information in the future. Our goal is to launch the functionality with support for Android devices, 6+, and other platforms.


The first, and in-depth look at the new feature for Android there is granted by the u.s. counterparts , thanks to a series of screens shared in the last few hours.

Nearby Sharing will appear slightly different depending on the type of content that you try to share (example: link or other multimedia content). In all cases, however, access to the functionality may be carried out by the special sharing menu of the robot green.

The user interface used by Google is rather simple and reminds to the one used in the other services owners. The access to the various Settings can be made through a touch on the account picture located at the right of the UI, while to the left is a large X to go back.

There are three different visibility settings:

  • All of the contacts;
  • Some of the contacts;
  • None.

In this way, the user will have full control of your device and decide then who to be able to receive the pairing request to the sharing and receiving of files. All of the devices in the vicinity that meet the criteria of visibility, and that have activated Nearby Sharing will receive a notification of the pairing.

Once you have completed this process and provided the appropriate consents, the products will be ready to share any type of content. In the case of a link, the opening will take place directly in the app (example: link Twitter > opens the Twitter app). Files received, in their turn, are stored in the Download directory.

The availability of Nearby Sharing, as said, is currently limited. Anyone who wants to, can still try to activate it (you will however need to receive an enabling Google server) by installing the latest beta version of the Google Play Services from the address below.

  • Google Play Services (beta) | Android | APKMirror, Free