New details continue to emerge on macOS Big Sur,presented by Apple during the keynote opening of WWDC 2020.

With the release of new operating systems (including iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and tvOS 14), Apple has finally introduced support to playback the HDR and Ultra HD , with the inclusion of the codec VP9 (thanks to which you can now access to YouTube in 4K on the iPhone and iPad) and to an update of Safari, which has brought full compatibility with the codec hevc analyzer.

The latter, in particular, has finally made it possible to access Netflix in 4K and Dolby Vision also for all owners of a computer-based macOS, according to what is learned from the first testimonies emerged in the network. A comes directly from the known informant Ishan Agarwal, who – through a tweet – has shared the information related to the streaming of a movie on Netflix made by Safari on macOS Big Sur.

OMG! Netflix on macOS Big Sur’s Safari browser just gave me a 4K Stream with Dolby Vision on the MacBook Pro! Earlier it was just 1080p with Dolby Vision. This is amazing. 😌

— Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24) June 28, 2020

At the moment the official support of Netflix reminds us that only computers that use the Microsoft Edge, and Windows 10 can access content in Ultra HD, but probably this page will be updated once it will be released the stable version of Big Sur.

We remind you, however, that the vision of the contents of the HDR is only supported on Macs that were released after 2018, and that tvOS 14 has introduced the ability to stream via AirPlay 2 even at 4K resolution. In short, it seems that Apple has finally made the transition of all its operating systems to support the definitions from the most high.