the iPhone 12 will be available in 4 versions and 3 sizes, a 5.4″, two 6.1″, and the last 6.7″. This, now, we are almost sure. All the rest is more smoky, thanks to a stop to the production processes caused by the pandemic, which, however, has not prevented the rumor to continue.

On YouTube was posted a video where they are shown new dummy iPhone: versions are not working, simply a reconstruction of the exterior typically used by manufacturers of enclosures to be ready with their offers as soon as the product – the real one – is made available on the market. The images allow us to appreciate the size of the different variants, and, above all, to evaluate how effectively different lines that distinguish the range 2020 of the iphone compared to previous generations.

The video confirms everything, and for everything so far emerged, including the flat edges in the style of the iPhone 5 and the optimized dimensions of the model 5.4″ compared to iPhone IF 2020, more small, despite the the display is wider. Useless to focus on the fund’s cameras and on the size of the notch: the dummy does not serve to resolve our doubts in this regard.

In recent days, he did discuss the possible intention on the part of Apple not to include in the box earphones and charger: at the moment this is only a rumor that needs investigation before being seriously considered. If you prefer to stay in the theme of the dummy, in the past few days we have had the opportunity to analyze other images shared on the network by Sonny Dickson.