For the smartphone market to 2020, we know, will be a year to forget: the impact of the pandemic on the production chain on the one side and on the habits of the consumers, on the other, is made to feel and will continue to weigh on the scale for who knows how long. So much so that even Apple – the queen of the receipts in the first quarter of the year, with iPhone 11 balance on the throne of the most sold – will pay the bill: investors apparently have revised significantly the estimates of the shipments of the iPhone 12 for the current year.

To say this is the last report of DigiTimes, which as usual fishing their information directly from supply chain to Cupertino. Apparently,compared to the 30-40 million units estimated, the predictions are scaled in a significant way, dimezzandosi: shipments of the new iPhone in 2020 should reach 15-20 million.

How do you explain this pessimism? Pandemic, of course, plays a decisive role: it is possible that Apple is forced to delay the launch of the next-generation iPhone more than the usual window of September, though the latest rumors seem to refute this scenario. This means that, quite simply, there would be less time and material to ship units by the end of 2020, perhaps half? And then it might be right who had predicted a launch for next November. We’ll see.

At the same time, another report – more and DigiTimes – detects as chinese companies are gaining ground in the assembly Apple, although at the time Cupertino has relied mainly on manufacturers based in Taiwan for the assembly of its products. But the will to diversify the risks and bring down prices, would have brought Apple to forge a closer relation with China, in particular as regards the assembly of iPad, Apple Watch, and Airpods.