Insta360 ONE R is an action cam adaptive with lenses interchangeable, that allow the acquisition of images, 360° and wide-angle 4K, but also the use of a new sensor and 1-inch from 5.3 K.

Insta360 ONE R

The Insta360 ONE R supports the acquisition of shooting with a maximum resolution of 5.7 K on two objectives which cover every direction at the same time (360 degrees), even in low-light conditions, thanks to the features, Color Plus, video HDR and Night Shot. The user can see a preview of 360 degrees in real time on the touch screen of the camera.

Wide Angle 4K Mod is the target for the recording resolution to 4K at 60fps, which supports up to 8x slow motion and is suitable to capture the action in a stable manner. 1-Inch Wide Angle Mod has been developed in partnership with Leica, and for this reason it’s a level of quality premium was very high. Using the sensor and 1-inch best-in-class to capture video from 5,3 K and photos from 19MP even under complex lighting.

The device can be used in any situation to fit any type of shooting, as well as to allow techniques such as camera angles, aerial drone. Also, Insta360 ONE R is equipped with two built-in microphones and an algorithm for the automatic reduction of wind, which allows you to get a quality sound directly from the camera. The USB-C and the shoe for accessories mounted on the upper part allow easy connection of third-party microphones with a 3.5 mm.

Another important novelty is the compatibility with screen readers, which allow you to check ONE R with various commands for hands-free filming. For sports lovers, the device uses a stabilization system FlowState completely up to date, to obtain a stabilization of type cardan, both shots to the 360 is with a wide angle lens as standard. Also, thanks to an intelligent algorithm of detection of scenes, Insta360 ONE R offers a stabilization that remains stable even in environments with poor lighting, while the certification IPX8 guarantees use in water up to a depth of 5 metres.

The app Insta360 One R for iPhone offers a series of new editing features designed to help the creators to change their work. Among these, Car Frame, an algorithm of computer vision that identifies the best sections of the video, narrowing rapidly to the field of framing and advising the user for the editing phase. As always, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to use the function Deep track, or select a subject to follow with a tap.

The application will automatically be locked in the middle frame and also in the case in which the subject is obscured by an obstacle, the algorithm will remember him again and to draw it as soon as it reappears. The same function is also available in real-time during registration.

The design of this action cam is designed to add a wide range of add-ons and upgrades. For example, the standard battery may be replaced with a battery powered double in size for shooting for extended periods.

Insta 360 ONE R is available on Amazon at a price of 509,99€.