Apple executives talk about macOS Big Sur and Safari in the podcast “Upgrade”

After the keynote and sessions of accompaniment of the WWDC20 last week, a couple of Apple executives were hosted in the podcast “Upgrade” of Relay FM Myke Hurley and Jason Snell to talk about the latest features of macOS 11 Big Sur, Safari , and more.

In the interview, the vice president of marketing at Apple, Bob Borchers, and the product manager, Ronak Shah, is talking about the macOS update Big Sur. Craig Federighi, said during the keynote last week that macOS Big Sur includes the “biggest update to Safari ever“, with improvements to the privacy, extensions, and more. In the podcast Upgrade, Borchers and Shah have made confirmed those statements:

“We have a story of pioneering on the protection of the privacy of the users in Safari. This year, with the privacy Report, we are raising the awareness of users on Safari, protects them, and by just one click users to see what tracks are blocked while you surf the web.

We also are improving the extensions. Now we support the new Web API Extension, then, for this whole range of extensions available, developers will be able to take them easily on Safari. We even provide tools in Xcode to ease the transition for developers. “

Ronak Shah has stressed that the purpose of the new function of the privacy Report is to make users more aware of the monitoring sites while browsing the Web:

“We do this from time to the account of the user. We have introduced for the first time, the prevention of the intelligent monitoring in 2017, so we are blocking this type of third-party monitoring for some time. We want to raise awareness and let users know what is happening and provide them with information that makes them more aware of the tracking that is being attempted while they browse the Web. Then, with a click, they can see the tracker you are trying to find them on the current Web site, or you can get more information and see the tracker for the last 30 days. “

Other new features in Safari include the home page which is customizable, a new tab, the translation integrated, and much more.