Amazon Prime Video introduces in the USA Watch Party, service (in Beta) dedicated to subscribers the First that allows you to see movies, TV series and original content “in the company” of friends in a virtual way. This is a feature similar to the Netflix Party, which was launched in full lockdown – but in this case it’s not official, that is not being released by Netflix – to create a sort of cinema at home where you can comment freely what you are watching with friends and family.

Here, however, we are talking about an instrument issued by the company Amazon, which allows a maximum of 100 members First and live with the experience of vision, even at a distance. All must, however, have a service First USES the active. Once in the group you can click the title to watch together (this is maybe the most difficult of all the steps…), but are excluded from the available content for purchase or rental. This limitation actually makes sense, considering that, with the creation of the groups in the Watch Party, Amazon would run the risk of having to drastically reduce the income if you let the right to purchase or rent a one-time content to be shared with multiple accounts.

There will be a chat available, through which the participants – the guests at the Party – will be able to speak as freely as if they were sitting on the same sofa. And the group will be closed, in the sense that it will be the organizer to send the link to access the vision in the company.

Who knows, this feature may not arrive soon in Italy, maybe with the rumored extension of the programs to live events. In the meantime, if you are interested to discover the novelties published in June on the platform, we invite you to take a look at our dedicated article.