Kevin Lynch, current VP of technology at Apple, he spent a few minutes on the sidelines of WWDC 2020 to talk about some of the new features of watchOS 7, the new system operatiuvo for the Apple Watch to arrive in the course of the autumn.

handsashing apple watch

As reported by MacRumors, the executive is soffermanto specifically on the new mode and Sleep function, Handwashing, two of the horses of battle of watchOS 7. Unlike other third-party applications for tracking sleep, much more detailed, Apple has chosen an approach much more simple, focusing only on the duration of sleep, movement disorders, and on heart rate.

This choice was the result of several weeks of study on the part of Apple, which has preferred to focus on all of that data is considered to be really useful to provide a tracking of your sleep as effective as the number of hours of sleep. Lynch is expressed, for example, on the movement of the arm, unable seconds for him to offer a complete picture of what happens inside the brain during the course of the hours of sleep. Apple has chosen to focus heavily on the transition to the bed, you can choose according to Lynch more viable and that will enable people to sleep better at night. The objectives are clearly an incentive in order to achieve the desired result, without becoming, however, reason to stress or anxiety but simply a positive feedback.

As far as the function Handwashing, certainly apt, in times of health emergency, Lynch has simply paused to remark on how the function is the result of years of work started well before the emergenz COVID-19. What do you think of these new features introduced by watchOS 7?