Apple has posted the trailer of Gratness Code, new docuserie that will soon be available on Apple TV+.

Gratness Code

Greatness Code will tell the stories of athletes like LeBron James, Tom Brady, Shaun White, Usain Bolt and many others. The first season will consist of seven mini-episodes, each of which examines a crucial moment that has defined the career of an athlete.

The episodes will be the following, as explained by Apple:

  • Four times NBA MVP, three-times NBA champion and two-time olympic gold medalist LeBron James
  • Six-time champion of the Super Bowl and four times MVP of the Super Bowl Tom Brady
  • Olympic gold medalist and co-captain of the national soccer team us women’s Alex Morgan
  • Snowboarder record and olympic gold medalist Shaun White
  • The fastest man in the world and the eight-times olympic champion Usain Bolt
  • Five times olympic gold medal winner and 15 times world champion of the new Katie Ledecky
  • Kelly Slater world champion surf

“The Greatness Code” will be available on Apple TV+ on Friday the 10th of July, together with the series “Little Voice” and in a film about the Second World War “Greyhound” with Tom Hanks.