Sell your used Hi-Tech in a few minutes, without risk and earning money: TrenDevice is the best alternative to ad sites.

If you want to sell your used Hi-Tech without losing time, in a way that is easy, fast and secure, TrenDevice is the best site where to sell your used device, rather than on ad sites, and online auctions; you’ll save loss of time in negotiations with the private sector, which often result in nothing. Selling your used directly to TrenDevice you will avoid the stress of managing your ads, the negotiations with the buyers (often undecided), and not have to worry about even the shipping: the company retires at his own expense the your device with the Courier to the trust at the address you will indicate. After 7 working days, you will receive the agreed payment, directly to your account.

Thanks to the service of the withdrawal TrenDevice, you can sell directly online, in just a few clicks, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Samsung, Huawei, AirPods, Apple Watch, Apple TV and PlayStation. As you well know, the market of Hi-Tech runs so fast that more and more, every day, the latest-generation devices available for sale; it is for this reason that, as a result, the list of products that TrenDevice withdraws updates periodically. In addition to having already announced in recent months, the beginning of the withdrawal of Huawei and PlayStation 4, is the news of these last few weeks, on TrenDevice, you can also sell AirPods Pro, the Samsung Note 10 and Note 10+, the iPad Pro a 12.9” fourth generation and the iPad Pro 11” second-generation. Let’s see in detail below are the respective prices.

With the iPad Pro a 12.9” fourth generation and the iPad Pro 11” second-generation, you can collect, respectively, up to a total of 1.470 € and up to 1,080 €. Sell Samsung Note 10 on TrenDevice allows you to get up to 480 € to 630 € for the Notes 10+. If you want to sell AirPods Pro, the price will get up to 170 €, and we remind you that TrenDevice buy AirPods second and the first generation with maximum ratings of respectively 100 € and 55 €.

TrenDevice is the best alternative to the ad sites to sell iPhone such as iPhone 11, IF 2020, and the X with prices maximum, respectively, of 730 €, 490 € and 340 €. With regard to the world of Android, in addition to the latest Samsung models mentioned above, on TrenDevice you can sell Samsung S10+ with rating up to 860 € to 480 € for the Samsung S10 in addition to the older S9 and S9+. Excellent prices for Huawei Mate 30 Pro, P30, Pro, and P30, valued respectively at up to 480 €, 450 € and 290 €.

Also sell the Mac on TrenDevice allows you to get great returns as for example the MacBook Pro Retina, assessed up to 1.250 €, or the MacBook Pro 2018-2019 thanks to which you can cash in on up to 1.930 €. Of course, on TrenDevice you can sell other models such as the iMac Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, iMac, and Mac Pro.

How to evaluate and sell your used? Go to TrenDevice in the section Sell and after clicking on the button Starts here, follow the wizard-driven process by responding with a click to a few simple questions about your device. In the page that opens after clicking on Currency, enter your email address and then click on “check out now”. By clicking on the “Yes, proceed”, proceed with the request of sale: you will be contacted to agree the date and time of pick-up with Courier completely Free of charge. After 7 working days, you will receive the agreed payment, directly to your account.

TrenDevice from 2013 operates in the sector of the circular economy, giving new life to devices, hi-tech, high-end smartphones and tablets, reimettendoli to market with a one year warranty and giving consumers a substantial savings. Are already more than 50,000 products have been reconditioned in the workshops TrenDevice, which operates in the market as the instant buyers for both individuals and companies, offering an alternative sustainable and profitable in consumer electronics. TrenDevice, from 2019, has over 350 members in the capital, thanks to a campaign of equity crowdfunding to great success, made with CrowdFundMe.