LG LED Signage (model LSAA) is an innovative solution that simplifies the creation of the LED-wall, a segment of the increasingly heterogeneous embracing also the salt from the cinema. The new display made by the mark in Korean is a modular product designed to save time and costs thanks tothe absence of additional cables between the cabinets that make up the display.

Everything revolves around a single master LED cabinet measuring 600 x 337,5 x 44,9 mm. This component provides power and signal to all the display connectors integrated directly on the edges and therefore does not require the use of cables.

In other words, it is sufficient to fix the modules that make up the LED-wall to immediately obtain an image on each of them, without the need to connect each unit to the control units that provide the signal and the power supply. The simplified procedure makes it easier to not only have all the install phase: also reconfigure the display to change size or format) requires a fraction of the time usually not necessary.

The master LED cabinet allows you to reach a resolution Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels). The processor is called to process the signals is theTO-powered Image Processor, the same electronics (with artificial intelligence) that we also find on the LG TV high end.

The specifications declared by LG to speak of a “pixel pitch” (generically referred to as the pitch, i.e. the distance between the pixels) of 1.2 mm, a figure that will be further refined in the second half of the year. LG has in the pipeline a version less than 1 millimeter. This solution requires that the cathodes of the LEDS are common to more than one display and connected to a single connector, to reduce energy consumption and provide only the required voltage to each subpixel.

Paik Ki-mun senior vice president and head of the Information Displays business unit LG Electronics Business Solutions Company, said:

The series LSAA LG sets a new standard for solutions LED signage for the market of commercial display. The technological innovation of which is equipped with the series LSAA allows this solution to offer higher image quality, a simplified installation and an added value for customers unsurpassed, all characteristics that have contributed to the leading position of LG in the field of LED signage.

The LED signage LSAA will be available in Europe and in Italy starting from the month of August.