Google Glass: you may not be quite finished @BitFeedCo.

The Google Glass are perhaps the technological product to be the most desired of the decade and, at the same time, one of the most terrible, with Google which obviously has anticipated too much of the time. But the hope of Google Glass at the consumer level may not be completely lost (the development of the version the business is continued).

According to some rumors, the financial Alphabet (the holding company that manages Google) might have placed in the crosshairs North, a company specialized in hardware products for augmented reality, and that already has sold the Focals in April 2019.

North, however, not experiencing a great period on the financial front, with the users to buy the Focals had to initially shell out 999 dollars, and, after a price drop, $ 599. In addition, users had to create a 3D model of your face, with the machines necessary to make it available in just two stores. With the expectation that the Focals 2.0 arrived on the market, the company has not generated any revenue, creating a financial crisis within the company.

It is from here that comes the indiscretion of a possible “help” on the part of the Alphabet. Then, if the Alphabet purchase North, Google will return in the eyewear sector intelligent related to augmented reality? As we have pointed out, the company has not been successful the first time. However, Focals is a product that is far less ambitious than they’ve ever been the Google Glass and, with the competition on the threshold of the Apple Glass, and Google may need to ask in turn help to external companies.

Waiting to get more information on this potential acquisition (as well as on the Fitbit), we want to remember that Nearby Share of Google will also work on Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux through Chrome and not only on Android.


Google Glass: you may not be quite finished @BitFeedCo.