Crysis is a title that is entered in the history as a benchmark, you might say, that as a video game in its own right. A challenge for the PC that is made to turn, more than for the player. However, it is a cornerstone of the industry, which has imposed itself in the collective imagination, leaving an imprint precise: and now is ready to return with a remastered. The announcement of Cryterk dates back to April: by a very short teaser, we got a taste of the best techniques that we expect. But now is the time to get serious: a little we will see Crysis Remastered in action, with a trailer of the gameplay. Precisely, on Wednesday, July 1 at 18 hours.

On YouTube has already begun the wait, with the fans in chat were the rage, sharing their feelings, hopes and, above all, the longing memories of the fans go crazy inside the houses, and hardware fell in the battle for a just cause. Who knows if this Remastered will “take off” the platforms that will be released: we expect a title up-to-date, but not cutting-edge graphics as it was the original at the time. Even if some taste of “next-gen” seems to not fail, from the time that, in addition to new textures in high definition, to particle effects and more advanced, to support temporal anti-aliasing on a PC will be able to show off the dynamic lighting offered by the Ray Tracing. You will not, however, a title is flexible, since it will be released not only on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but also on the hybrid Nintendo Switch (due to downgrade).