The U.s. district judge Robert Schroeder has issued an order that forces Apple to send you one or more notebook to Maxell to allow the company to examine the source code of some software from Apple.

apple maxell

The lawsuit, which began in 2019, accuses Apple of violating ten patents that cover a range of functionality from the walk navigation in Apple Maps and Find my friends in the design of the camera, wireless communication, file transfers via AirDrop, ringtones, control of energy consumption , unlocking the device and even FaceTime calls. Also the products concerned by the complaint are different, and include iPhone, iPad, and Mac be released until 2018.

Because of the nature of the case, Maxell must check the source code, but the restrictions related to the pandemic in the course have made it difficult for the auditors to go to the campus Apple in California. For this reason, the judge is authorized/obliged to deliver one or more of the MacBook Pro containing the source code of the software and of the functions involved.

As part of the order, Maxell will be obliged to maintain the utmost secrecy on the source code of Apple, and to keep the devices in a safety deposit box. In addition, these MacBook Pro can not be used by people other than those explicitly authorized.