Apple has officially announced the winners of the expected Apple Design Awardswhich each year reward the best apps in terms of innovation, the idea and basic coding.

Apple Design Awards 2020

Apple has named eight apps and games that you are particularly distinct between June 2019 and June 2020. Developers receive a bag full of Apple products, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Apple has not confirmed which devices will be sent as a prize to the winners of this year.



Darkroom, Bergen Co., is a powerful photo editor and video interface is as beautiful as easy to use. Offers exceptional performance with controls that are super intuitive and a layout that casual photographers, and professionals can really appreciate. With the Apple technologies including API for photos and cameras, quick actions on the Home screen, contextual menus and tactile, Darkroom is a brilliant example of a tool for editing high-end mobile.


Looom, developed by, is inspired by the instruments of musical creation. The stop-motion animation hand-drawn in a gui and playfully creative is designed both for professionals and for the consumer. The deep functionality of the app and the intuitive interface are complemented by new custom controls. Made for iPadOS, Looom better use of Apple technology, including Apple, Pencil and the Dark Mode.


Shapr3D, of Zartkoruen Mukodo Reszvenytarsasag is a powerful app CAD for the iPad, which has the potential to dramatically transform the workflow of technical design and architectural. There is no need of a desk, then inspiration can strike anytime and anywhere. Using only an iPad and an Apple, Pencil, design engineers have access to a robust set of modeling tools to easily create complex 3D models. Designed exclusively for iPad, Shapr3D uses ARKit and Drag&Drop. By the end of the year, the app will use the scanner, or LiDAR, to automatically generate an accurate floor plan 2D and a 3D model of a room, which can be used as a basis for designing rimodellamenti or additions of rooms. The new design can then be previewed in real-scale using the AR technology directly into the room scanned.


StaffPad, of StaffPad Ltd., converts brilliantly to the musical annotations hand-written in the sheet music digital. Designed for composers who want a simple solution to write and compose music in a digital format, the app uses Apple technologies such as Apple, Pencil, drag-and-drop and Core ML to turn each bar into a music notation beautifully composed that can be modified with an intuitive touch or Apple Tools pencil.


Sayonara Wild Hearts:

“Sayonara ” Wild Hearts”, from developer Simogo publisher and Annapurna Interactive, has been praised for exceptional design since its launch. A video game-pop that is full of hope, wonderful and unique, “Sayonara ” Wild Hearts” is to explode the adrenaline of the players and lifts their spirit. The game offers landscapes, vibrant and surreal, the images and movement fascinating and exciting gameplay. Makes extensive use of Apple technology, including Metal, Game Center, spatial audio, and game controller.

Sky: Children of the Light:

Sky: Children of the Light, of thatgamecompany, has as protagonists the characters that fly across vast landscapes in a magical kingdom, to help the heavenly beings return to heaven. With its integration of multiplayer and a very special graphics, Sky: Children of the Light” is a research social revolutionary. The team has used Apple technology including a the engine Metal, custom, Game Center, and spatial audio.

Song of Bloom:

“Song of Bloom”, the independent developer Philipp Stollenmayer, is a unique game with a non-linear history is full of intelligent puzzles. Players explore a story told in artistic styles in rapid evolution as they advance in the game. “Song of Bloom” offers a gaming experience innovative, with a unique design.

Where The Cards Fall:

“Where the Cards Fall”, developed by the developer The Game the Band and from the publisher Snowman, is an adventure game in which players build houses of cards to give life to the memories of training. The game leverages the technology of Apple, including Metal, Game Center and iCloud, to give life to puzzle dreamlike, immersive sound, and unique style.

And you, which apps and games you have enjoyed in the last few months?