YouTube: views from the TV to the stars and the new voice search, multi-language @BitFeedCo.

Important news for the platform of YouTube (after those related to the version of the Music), and with regard to the display data on the TV both with regard to the functions of the smartphone application.

Google has long tried to flourish on YouTube, not only on smartphones but also on TV. And now, it seems that those efforts are paying off. According to the most recent data releases, are over 100 million people every day watching YouTube on their TV (and the data refer only to the United States).

Also the viewing time on connected tvs has increased: up to 80 percent compared to last year, while the viewing time of live content was up 250 percent in march, compared to 2019.

With regard to the novelty of the mobile app, shortly after I started to test a function of recording and publishing all-in-one in the Android app, the developers have added another feature in the test that will be useful for those of us who prefer to just watch the video.

They are working on a button that allows you to change the language of voice search directly in the input screen. If you are multilingual and like to use voice search, this will allow you to finally search for videos that are not available in the language you set in the settings of the YouTube app.

Google hopes that the test will help the systems voice search to make more precise searches for the multilingual people, then we would not be surprised if the final goal was an automatic solution for the recognition of different languages. After all, Google has already launched a feature similar to the edge of its smart speaker with Google Assistant.


YouTube: views from the TV to the stars and the new voice search, multi-language @BitFeedCo.