TWRP 3.4 available officially | News @BitFeedCo.

The development team TWRP has just announced the release of the new recovery concept, custom in version 3.4. Available from now for “most of the devices currently supported“, this version adds a limited support for Android 10 on some devices, as well as other fixes and improvements, including support for the flash of images on the smartphone OPPO / Realme support of the partitions To / B.

The change log TWRP 3.4 is rather technical, but you can read the full version here. The most noticeable changes and certainly more useful to all those interested in the TWRP from the point of view of modding are the support for encryption OZIP, which enables people who use OPPO phones and Realme of install factory images, and improvements to the management in the partitions A/B.

The TWRP 3.4 also introduces a limited support of Android 10, but only for devices that have been updated from a previous version and retain the structure of previous partition. Last year, Team Win has explained that some of the major changes in the structure of the partitions of Android 10, such as those found on Pixels 3 and 4, were a problem. Unfortunately, the development has not led yet to a solution.

Team Win says that the new version is now available for most of the devices currently supported, although at the moment there are a few omissions worthy of note, as some recent models, OnePlus.

Anyway, in case you were interested in the new version of TWRP, you can proceed to the download directly on the official website or through the app, TWRP. We recall, however, that the installation of TWRP goes to invalidate the legal guarantee of the manufacturer.


TWRP 3.4 available officially | News @BitFeedCo.