Samsung has expanded the range of The Wall-Business with two new versions of the display modular for professional uses. The novelties are made from screens with a “pixel pitch” (generically referred to as the pitch, i.e. the distance between the pixels) of 1,68 mm and 1,26 mm. The new models will be added to the version to 0.8 mm that is already available on the market which is flanked by The Wall Lux, the model is designed for the home cinema luxury.

The new The Wall Business are always based on the technology MicroLED: the pixels of the display are composed of triplets of RGB LEDS with one red LED, one green and one blue. It’s not about screens that have a backlight or color filters: the MicroLED are “self-emitting“, and they then light directly, exactly as the OLED. For this reason they can guarantee a high brightness and a absolute black.

The Wall Business 1.6 mm is already available for order and offers a peak brightness of 1,400 cd/m2 – nits and support HDR10+ with the metadata dynamic. The coating Black Seal Technology, the spot on the diode, is able to reduce the reflections and improve the contrast ratio perceived.

The modular structure allows, as with all The Wall, to adapt the screen to the specific needs of each environment. The Samsung Frame Kit allows you to install modules (thick 7.2 cm), leaving no space between the display and the wall. The Wall Business 1.2 mm coming in August and will provide a maximum brightness of 1.600 cd/m2 – nits. All other features are in common with the model of 1.6 mm.