Google Photo update: new UI and the “view map” @BitFeedCo.

Since its debut, Google Photos has been one of the most successful of the company. With the ability to store indefinitely all photos taken from smartphone camera or slr/mirrorless (accepting a compression of the quality), there are hundreds of millions of users use on a daily basis.

In the last few hours of the development team of Google Pictures has released a new update (we don’t know for sure the version of the app but it should have a higher version number to 5.0) that revolutionizes the navigation bar and introduces some interesting innovations, including a display with the map to see where the photos were taken (also those of Facebook).

With regard to the graphical interface, we find a new bottom navigation bar consists of three different tab. The new structure of the three cards is rather simple: the first tab is called Photos where all the photos and videos uploaded to the service are shown in a chronological manner. All as before, if not for the thumbnail slightly bigger video with autoplay and less space between the photos.

A new Search tab seems to replace the previous functionality of searching through the the top bar in the app. The view of the map that we had previously identified in the test of the screw in this section, together with icons of people and pets bigger and better than the small ones that we had in the old search. The map view is actually quite elegant, allowing you to see a heat map of the locations of your photos (assuming you take photos with location data) in order to be able to track images for a position, or remember nostalgically how the world was before the coronavirus.

The Album tab is gone, but most of its features are still present in the new tab Library (third right), including the browsing of folders, and album-specific, as well as photos and archive, as well as a link to the print service. Also, the Sharing tab is gone, but Google says that you can access the functionality via the “conversation” in the top left-hand corner on all tabs.

Finally, there is a new tab “Research” that goes to replace the bar at the top of this up to the previous version.

To proceed to the download of the new version of Google Photos, just click on this link.


Google Photo update: new UI and the “view map” @BitFeedCo.