watchOS 7 adds support FairPlay, enabling the app audio streaming with DRM

watchOS 7 brings major improvements to the Apple Watch, including sleep monitoring, new training , and more.

What Apple has not mentioned is that the next major operating system update Apple Watch also adds to the support for FairPlay, a technology that allows streaming of content protected by DRM.

FairPlay is widely adopted on iOS, macOS and tvOS as it allows the app to offer music and video encrypted, preventing the content to be easily recorded and replicated.

Apple has confirmed in a session of the WWDC that FairPlay is now available on watchOS 7, allowing developers to create apps audio streaming with DRM content for the Apple Watch.

The best example of an app that can benefit from this new feature are the music app, which can now offer the complete streaming of songs on the Apple Watch without worrying about DRM protection. In other words, in the future we could have more app streaming independent available on watchOS.

Apple is also adding support for the codec did-AAC in watchOS 7, which enables the audio files smaller while maintaining the same quality of the AAC codec standard, something that can improve streaming audio on a slow Internet connection.