Spotify: two new playlists, both in summer and Free version available on Amazon Echo @BitFeedCo.

Interesting moment for Spotify, which, in the space of a few hours, has officially launched two new playlists, summer and ends, officially, with its service Free, but also on the smart speaker Amazon Echo.

Starting just this last news, Spotify Free is available on Google Home almost always (thanks to the protocol Cast, inherited from the Chromecast). The same thing could not be said for the Amazon Echo, where the availability was limited to only the Premium version.

In the USA the arrival of Spotify Free has been available for several months but finally it is now also available in Italy on the Amazon Echo, with a lot of support to Alexa. Since it is a free version, however, there are all the limitations to which we were accustomed: shuffle, limit 6 skip per hour, and advertisements.

With regard to the new playlist summer, the first is called the Summer Rewind , and is customized for each user. You should already find it on the home screen of the app, in the section Created for you. It is chock-full of the songs that you have listened to a lot during the summers previous.

This special playlist will be available both for users and free for Premium in the markets of the northern hemisphere of Spotify”. The geographic distinction seemed to us to be a little strange until we realized that in the southern hemisphere it is winter.

The second playlist is called “Songs of Summer and a global list of 25 titles that Spotify thinks will be big hits this summer. The list includes both new songs and old, but are gaining again a success. You can access this playlist with this link.

Before leaving, we want to remember that the offer to get 3 months of Spotify Premium free for new subscribers (3 months at 9.99 euro for those who are already Premium customer) will still last for a few days.

Spotify: two new playlists, both in summer and Free version available on Amazon Echo @BitFeedCo.