A survey on intentions of purchase of headphones among consumers in the Uk has found that Apple is the preferred brand when it comes to earphones true wireless in-ear headphones, of course, thanks to the range of AirPods.

AirPods Pro‌

Counterpoint has asked uk consumers which brands of headphones were considering for their next purchase, and Apple is ranked in first place with 63% of the preferences. Bose is placed second from the 47% (the answers may be multiple), followed by Sony at 40%.

Counterpoint does not provide the percentages for the remaining brands, but the first eight are completed by the Beats, Samsung, Sennheiser, LG, and Jabra.

airpods uk

In terms of spending planned, however, the survey found that the majority of consumers want to spend between 60 and 180 euro, cutting off devices like the AirPods Pro. With regard to the required functions, however, many people have chosen the cancellation of the noise only present on the Pro model of the AirPods.

And you, what headphones you buy in the future?