This is the week of the WWDC of Apple. On Monday, there was the main event, but Apple hosts a variety of sessions for developers and shares video on the new software updates for the entire week, including daily summaries.

Are in the course of several tens of sessions, different developers can look into the Apple app Developer, or on the Apple Web site Developer, but Apple has also decided to provide daily summaries of the small size of the most important points.

The video of the second day, shared this morning, it highlights the WidgetKit, which will allow developers to create widgets that can be used in the view Today and on the main screen of the iPhone and App Clips, small pieces of an app that is useful for experimenting with quick interactions without the need to download an app complete.

Not only that, in the video he speaks also of creation of interfaces of the expansive and dynamic app for the iPad, the new accessibility features introduced in 2020, and a new feature that allows developers to take advantage of the detection of the pose of the hands and body to interact with the iPhone without touching the display. The video also includes a preview of the upcoming sessions, which include models CarPlay and the new Game Center.

Apple has also shared a video of the first day, with the key feature of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS, Big Sur, and watchOS 7, in addition to highlighting the announcement of the transition to ARM chips on the Mac.

What do you think of these short video recap made by Apple?