WWDC20: All the news of the management of Apple devices

The session “what’s New in the management of Apple devices“, describes in detail the improvements the upcoming API the MDM of the company , and other features that system administrators can use to more efficiently manage Apple devices within the company.

Lights Out Management for the Mac Pro

For those who manage the data center, new features for the Mac Pro will be a welcome addition. Lights Out Management for the Mac Pro will boot, restart and shut down remotely Mac Pro. It will require macOS Big Sur and the new payload to the Lights Out Management from supplier MDM.

The MDM server will send a command to a controller LOM on the same subnet, that will communicate with bluetooth-enabled devices, LOM. For data center managers, this feature will speed up many processes.

Changes to the supervision of the Mac

Now, any registered Mac in a recording MDM approved by the user will have the same functionality of a Mac that is registered by the program recording device. Environments, BYOD, and this change will help in a significant way the IT departments.

Management software updates

With macOS Big Sur, Apple also adds changes to the operation of the software update. Now, you can force the Mac client to accept the updates, and then restart the device. The main versions of updates macOS, and now can be postponed up to 90 days (similar to iOS). Apple is also removing the software update catalog , and the Flag Ignore for managed devices.

Content caching

The storage of the content in the cache is a great way to speed up the download of apps, books and other content on the network. Instead of making them download to each user, is downloaded once and shared on the local network.

Apple is adding new metrics related to the caching of content using a new command MDM Information on the storage of the content. This command will help you determine if the content storage in the cache is active, functioning and improves the download of the contents of the devices more quickly. The content caching now supports Internet Recovery to quickly restore the devices.

For more information on the new management of Apple devices, take a look at the video shared by the company.