The supreme court of the state of Indiana today issued a firm warning regarding the possibility for the police to force a user to unlock their iPhone.

According to the supreme court to refuse to unlock your device is fully within the constitutional rights of american citizens. The specific case concerns a woman, a resident of Carmel; the woman had reported being the victim of a rape, but after I provided some evidence the investigators ‘ attention has now shifted on her. The woman refused to unlock the iPhone 7 Plus to encourage the detective and the initial judgment against her in was overturned yesterday by the supreme court.

In the judgment the judges of the court have cited the fifth amendment to justify overturning the judgment of the initial. The fifth amendment protects citizens from autoincriminazione forced, lending weight to the rejection of the woman to provide the password to unlock your device. The court has observed as now the smartphones contain much more private information of a personal diary and forcing a user to unlock their device is a practice that violates the constitutional right enshrined in the fifth amendment.