With iOS 14, we can decide which pages to hide on the Home Screen, perhaps to display and use only the new function in the App Library.

At the end of the pages of the Home Screen on iOS 14 is, in fact, the App Library, a new space that automatically organizes all your apps in a single view, and that makes it appear to those that it considers most useful to the user in that moment.

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The interesting thing is that you can choose how many pages of the Home Screen display, but also hide them for faster access to the App Library.

To hide one or more pages, click and hold on any blank spot on the Home screen (or click and hold on any icon and select “Edit Home screen“), then press on the dots at the bottom (now highlighted with a gray background). The number of dots varies depending on how many pages you have on your Home Screen.

At this point, a window will open that you can see below, from which you can uncheck the pages you don’t want to see. Confirm by clicking on Finish in the upper right.

Clearing all the pages, iOS 14 will only show the App Library. Ready to hide the pages of your Home Screen?