Google Staff: 4 free games of July 2020 @BitFeedCo.

Google has announced the availability, starting from 1 July, to 4 new games for free for all the subscribers to the Pro version of Google Staff.

If you like the idea of create your own games, Crayta is the perfect title for you. Using intuitive tools to give life to real and true games interactive, with the opportunity to share them with other members of the community Staff. With the function State Share (still in Beta), you can simply create a link within Crayta and share it with other players, sending them instantly in the game to work and play.

The second free game for Google Staff, is Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, where you have to explore a 2D world with graphics from the cartoon really wonderful. Absorbing the powers of the creatures and become a monster to solve puzzles, find secrets and overcome challenges are the objectives of this title surprisingly cool, inspired by the classic platform.

Explore caverns vast and secret and discover mysteries lost and forgotten in SteamWorld Dig, the third free game that is announced for July. In the game you have to make your way through a strange and fascinating world, inspired by the Metroidvania that will involve all of the incredible aesthetics.

West of Loathing is the last free game for Google Staff in the month of July. This is a RPG fun and born from the creators of Kingdom of Loathing. Set against the backdrop of a quirky, wild West populated by monsters, undead, and livestock, the giant, the combination of humor and mechanics of the role-playing games of the West of Loathing makes it an added captivating to the library of Ruler Pro.

All these games will be available free of charge starting from July 1, with Staff Pro. Also, remember that The Elder Scrolls Online is also available on the Staff Pro this month up to July 16.


Google Staff: 4 free games of July 2020 @BitFeedCo.