The future version of Spotify might include a new video player

Spotify is one of the music streaming services the most popular available today, but like any other product, can improve to compete better with others. Following in the footsteps of YouTube, Music, Spotify is apparently starting to build a new video player in the user interface “In play“.

Jane Wong has discovered and enabled the function, which currently consists of a tabbed interface for the screen “In playback”, which provides several options to show the content while you listen to the tracks.

These new listings include the covers typical of the album, “Canvas”, and a section of video completely new. “Canvas” is the feature Spotify, which shows a short video instead of the album cover. It is not a music video complete, but it is a small animation ordered.

News, however, is the video card that, presumably, would show video music complete in-app. Spotify has integrated video content in the past, but in the current state that the contents are difficult to find or completely non-existent for most of the songs and albums.

As mentioned in the image above, Spotify is “still exploring” what to do with this new video section, but it will probably show you a music video full style YouTube Music. However, since there are still no official announcements, there is still the possibility that the function to be deleted.

What do you think?