According to a new report from Bloomberg, Nintendo would have decided not to accept most major new projects for the gaming on the mobile after the last disappointing results.

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Close Furukawa, the president of Nintendo, two years ago, said that the games for smartphones would have had a lot of importance to the company, so much so that Nintendo would release two or three titles to mobile each year. In may, however, the president has adopted a course markedly different, stating that “we are Not trying to continue to release new applications for the mobile market“.

Despite the mobile games of other companies have gotten great results during the pandemic coronavirus, the titles of Nintendo are in a continuous decline, including Super Mario Run and Mario Kart Tour. Probably Nintendo is not able to find the right model of business for this sector, perhaps because the society did not wish to force players to spend a lot in games for fear of ruining the reputation of the brand.

In reality, it seems that the company has decided to focus on the mobile market only to try and minimise the losses arising from the failure of the Wii U. Now, however, thanks to thehuge popularity of the Switch, the company with its headquarters in Kyoto seems to have re-evaluated the field of mobile telephony.

Serkan Toto, a consultant of mobile games in Tokyo, he said:

From the exit of Mario Kart Tour in the autumn of 2019, the pipeline is the mobile Nintendo is blank. In a sense, the huge success of Nintendo’s console has reduced the need to employ resources on mobile. Will new games for smartphones, but it is very likely that will be only useful to appease the shareholders.

For the current fiscal year that ends in march, Nintendo said that it will focus only on the mobile app already released and does not expect that the revenue from this activity will increase a lot. The company has earned 51 billion yen from games for smartphones and other licenses in fiscal year 2019, with an increase of 11% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Nintendo has not announced which apps will release in the future, but the head of his partner, mobile development, Isao Moriyasu, president of DeNA Co., said he did not expect new apps until the end of the current fiscal year. This suggests a long wait until the next smartphone game for Nintendo.