Apple has recently updated the statistics of use for two among its most important operating systems, the company says that 81% of all iPhone and iPod touch devices are now running iOS 13, while 73% of iPad time is running iPadOS.

According to the Apple website , 92% of iPhone introduced in the last four years running the iOS 13, while 7% is still running iOS 12 and only 2% are running earlier versions of iOS. Considering all models of the iPhone and iPod touch is currently in use, 81% of devices running iOS 13, while 13% are running iOS 12 and 6% running an earlier version of iOS.

Since the introduction of iPadOS last year, Apple shares also the numbers of adoption separately for the iPad operating system. The company says that 93% of all iPad devices introduced in the last four years using iPadOS 13, while 5% are running iOS 12 and 1% are running an earlier version of iOS. 73% of all iPad devices using iPadOS 13, followed by 16% on iOS 12, and from 11% on earlier versions.

Usage data to Apple are based on visits to the App Store dated June 17. These numbers anticipate the WWDC 2020 , where the company will introduce iOS 14, and iPadOS 14. The event will take place next Monday, June 22 with a special keynote “digital” opening .