JOLED and China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) have reached an agreement to start the joint development of panels for OLED TV’s are made with the print link-jet.

JOLED is the japanese company, controlled by INCJ, Japan Display, Sony and Panasonic, have long been active in the implementation of OLED screens “printed” and no more products for the “evaporation”. The advantages of the method used by JOLED consist of a production yield, theoretically superior, and capable, therefore, in the long term, to ensure lower costs.

JOLED already producing OLED panels RGB (non-WRGB as the LG) from 21,6″ with a resolution of Ultra HD. We find them for example in the monitor Asus ProArt PQ22UC. The quantities produced are, however, still limited: the start of the mass production, net of the possible delays caused by the pandemic COVID-19, is planned for 2020. Up until now, however, he was always talked about panels of medium size, suitable for use in a monitor of high-end or for specific segments, such as the medical sector and the automotive industry.

The entry in the scene of CSOT is important because it is time to change the prospects for the future. The subsidiary of TCL has signed an intense, involving not only development plans, but that will also bring new capital. JOLED will receive 20 billion yen (about 166 million) through the subscription of shares by CSOT-JAPAN. JOLED will bring its proprietary technology for printing OLED panels.

The two companies will manage jointly the development of panels OLED TV in RGB with printing link-jet. The objective is therefore clear: it aims to create a typology of panels for televisions is different from that provided today by LG, resolving problems that have effectively prevented the spread of OLED TV RGB on the market because of costs that are too high (due to inefficiencies of production).